The sources of two rivers, Gangotri and Yamunotri are devoted to the female deities – Ganga and Yamuna. They both, along with Badrinath and Kedarnath form the Char Dham of the Garhwal, the four most hallowed shrines in the Himalayas.

this is where i went to 2 yrs back and the images still come back to me .

for anybody loving nature and adventure – this is one of the best tours India offers , check it out before u get too old.

though the yatra is spiritual – it covers many shrines set among snow capped mountains and deep valleys , it offers adventure and sheer pleasure – my advice – walk the routes uphill , don’t take the horses or helicopters – they save time but spoil the effect of nature on ur senses .

The routes open in may till November (they change according to snow fall ).

click on the image below for more photos


it was in kedarnath – my fav – i saw snow fall for the first time .get up early in the morning and wait for sunrise – look at the peak behind the temple – it glows like gold with the first rays of sun.if u r lucky to be there on full moon day (i was ) the ice shines like silver in the moonlight .

its tough ,the tour , if ur not fit – but worth everything , i will go back again…

If interested check this out- click here

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  1. 1

    Hey very pretty shot that one. I have been here two times. And only to Badrinath and Auli thrice. 🙂

    But I wish to return too. And this time the valley of flowers would be included in the itinerary. 🙂
    That too is a very beautiful place. Maybe you can join in. We might need a doctor there if someone starts “evaporating”. 😉

    – S

  2. 2

    mahathileo said,

    wow , thanks for the invitation , but the only way to go to valley of flowers is walk ,in that terrain – i am sure for my present fitness levels – i have to train 1 yr in advance for that haha …but yes i will see it .

    ya been to Auli too , had a ride in that car , but i wish to see it covered in full snow , did u try skiing there – its the best, i heard .

  3. 3

    You are right, I don’t think mules are allowed to the valley of the flowers, though they are allowed right upto Hemkund Sahib.

    Ah, then you should start the one year training regimen for the trek right away. eh eh eh.

    Yes I did try skiiing there. It is such a beautiful place.

  4. 4

    Nice pictures, Valley of flowers is not a hard trek, only about 5 kms to walk each way since they don’t allow mules into the area. You can come by mule to Ghangria which 10, 000ft and Valley of Flowers is about 11,500 ft. I have made the trek twice at age 73 when I walked all the way to Ganghria, Valley of flowers and Hemkund. I took a mule to Ghangria at age 75 and then walked up to Valley of flowers was not bad except we got soaked in cold rain on way back from the valley of flowers. It is worthwhile trip. In the same year in June I went to Bedni Bughyal and part way to Rup Kund but had to come back due to heavy snow.

  5. 5

    sandhya said,

    nice write up… did the chardham yatra this year and have just got back. trekked up kedar and yamunotri… what awesome places… havent been to badrinath yet. planning next year along with tunganath. like you i also saw snow for the first time and all i can say is WOW


  6. 6

    Adithya said,

    hi went to badrinath myself 🙂 had an excellent experience.. took few pics myself posted on my blog.. your comments will be appreciated

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