An Interesting take on “being alone/ lonely”


if u like funny side of things do visit the site  – gapingvoid – click on the image above to land there !

get the difference between being lonely and alone ..among these 2 i always considered “alone” in a positive sense , as a choice ..

check out these  – solitude , recluse and solitude vs loneliness


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  1. 1

    Gaping Void is cool sometimes. I especially like the random, abstract, doodle like art that he publishes.

    The cartoon is actually a part of a good post. Good ideas have lonely childhoods. That guy has a lot to say I must say.

    This post was kind of the inspiration for me to post a forgotten draft a while back. You can find the post here>>

    – Shubhendu

  2. 2

    *kind of an inspiration (not an inspiration in the real sense though, just a thing that prompted me to post)

  3. 3

    It is more of a comment on herd mentality and the initial inertia prevalent to good but “out of the mainstream” ideas. Most good ideas have always faced intense flak in the beginning as they are “heretical” and against the inertia of established but incorrect ideas.

    This is roughly related to this cartoon. Check it out.

    The Inertia of Scientific Thought by Thomas Gold.

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