The ATHEIST add campaign

U all must have heard of it by now – the advertising campaign backed by British Humanist Association and Prof Richard Dawkins , which is putting up slogans on buses , tubes in London
and they raised more than they ever expected -£140,000. Dunno when something like this can happen in India !

here r a few picsatheist bus

and i like this quote

and the add campaign also puts up some interesting quotes from prominent scientists(atheists ).
I am happy to see this .I am an atheist , i don’t believe in god and in religion(by their usual meaning) .
The thing i detest most about religion is the superstitious beliefs it propagates.
when i read quotes from Bhagavad Gita , Upanishads , by Vivekananda – u needn’t believe god ,there’s another way u can understand them .
“God ” …well it all depends on how we interpret .
“I thought nature itself was so interesting that I didn’t want it distorted (by miracle stories). And so I gradually came to disbelieve the whole religion.”- by Richard Feynman , my fav .
– ah the existence of miracles cannot be used to support the existence of ‘god’ .

The more bigger is the argument when it comes to the question of ‘creator’ and our boundless universe with still no clue of how it was born . Stephen Hawkins discusses this point in his book ‘A brief history of time’ .

related books
“The God Delusion “ by Richard Dawkins
books by Ayn Rand
“Atheist Universe ” by David Mills

and  do check out their site – the atheist bus

the British Humanist Association


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  1. 1

    Errancy said,

    As I understand it, the campaign is a response to Christian ads that directed people to a website that told them (among other things) that if they they aren’t Christians then they’re going to burn in hell. The “Don’t worry…” ads make sense as part of that conversation, but on their own are a bit of a non-sequitur; it’ll take much more than God’s non-existence to allay most people’s fears (particularly with a global recession just getting going). Still, it’s difficult to say much in eleven words.

  2. 2

    t. mahathi said,

    i think its the other way – god’s existence makes people feel secure . “god washes away our sins “- to quote one of my friends .

  3. 3

    t. mahathi said,

    an interesting article i came across-
    what is atheism without theism

    i read somewhere – when u take the definition of “religion” in the broadest term – even atheism is a religion….

    “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”

    yeah ,what is light when there is no darkness…

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