something to ponder about

“Everything that irritates us
about others can lead us to
an understanding of

– Carl Jung


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  1. 1

    Krishna said,

    Who are those “others”?

  2. 2

    I think there is need for a correction. This quote is attributed to Carl Gustav Jung. I seem to have missed this post.

  3. 3

    t. mahathi said,

    thanks for pointing out , corrected it .

  4. 4

    Shaili S R said,

    I don’t find this quote very insightful. But that’s no problm.
    Ppl always think that quotes r an origin of ideas dat every one knows and thus saying it was by somebody is unfair n narrowminded.
    I think saying dat abt quotes if unfair. I say dat as we quote only those things that appeal to us, things that express what we already think of things better. If you have not experienced something you would not or never find a “good” quote expressing your feeling appealing.
    Maybe what I find expressed in thsi quote 2 obvious or could be that I never really thought abt it.
    But having said dat, one can know what a person really likes, dislikes or is doing by looking at the quotes he or she likes at that point in time in his her life. After all they are just a sense of expression rather than something in awe for an idea. A quote is just a terse expression by somebody who was better at putting it for follies, insights, loss an d gains and wisdom shared by a number of people but are not that good at expressing what they feel maybe. They are just a sense of expression.

  5. 5

    t. mahathi said,

    I think the importance of quotes lies in the way they r put , its the beauty of words that works the magic . we might be knowing them all along but to appreciate it …., its like we have many memories with us but a lot of times its a good book or a photo ,movie that makes us look back and appreciate how beautiful they are .

  6. 6

    shaili S R said,

    That’s exactly my point……

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