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Terror attacks – what we can do

Its the angry citizens vs politicians in the aftermath of the latest attack.every time this happens there is an uproar over the inefficiency of the government , police system and the corrupt money laundering politicians …well when they ever listen to all these voices . the only thing the politicians care about is money and the only vote bank they know is villages – that’s where they look ….

For them to listen to our voices we have to make ourselves a significant part of electorate – a formidable vote bank . just imagine the changes a thinking and demanding electorate can bring about in our politics .

Lets vote –  show them we r here . let us be the change we want to see.

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Terror in Mumbai

Its almost 47 hrs since the terrorists landed in Mumbai , we don’t know how many terrorists r there , how many people r dead  or injured  …

why this madness , why this pain

whom to blame , what can be done

when will this stop ,

why the hell is this happening ?


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congrats Obama

We all have been watching him for a long time, with this win he will embarking on a hard ride .i wish him all the best.

I am impressed by his energy and coolness – that’s what makes him so special , atleast in my opinion .

here’s a link to his victory speech , very well written ….

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