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this is one state in India that’s underestimated from tourism point of view . Its so beautiful esp in the monsoon  season … some pics (all taken in last week of june 2010 )

this is jog falls hiding behind the  monsoon clouds

guess the age of the relic here …

its around 11- 12 cen , Hampi .

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How is my new header ?

i love woods , rain forests , green landscapes …

this is kerala , Munnar

the best pic i have snapped

the best pic i have snapped

ah looks like wordpress has decreased the free space they r offering for a blog , oh bad bad …

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The sources of two rivers, Gangotri and Yamunotri are devoted to the female deities – Ganga and Yamuna. They both, along with Badrinath and Kedarnath form the Char Dham of the Garhwal, the four most hallowed shrines in the Himalayas.

this is where i went to 2 yrs back and the images still come back to me .

for anybody loving nature and adventure – this is one of the best tours India offers , check it out before u get too old.

though the yatra is spiritual – it covers many shrines set among snow capped mountains and deep valleys , it offers adventure and sheer pleasure – my advice – walk the routes uphill , don’t take the horses or helicopters – they save time but spoil the effect of nature on ur senses .

The routes open in may till November (they change according to snow fall ).

click on the image below for more photos


it was in kedarnath – my fav – i saw snow fall for the first time .get up early in the morning and wait for sunrise – look at the peak behind the temple – it glows like gold with the first rays of sun.if u r lucky to be there on full moon day (i was ) the ice shines like silver in the moonlight .

its tough ,the tour , if ur not fit – but worth everything , i will go back again…

If interested check this out- click here

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My travels – Lepaakshi

yesterday i went to Lepaakshi (Andhara pradesh ),and Pavgada (this is in karnataka ).

the temple in Lepaakshi was built in 15th century and is in excellent shape – well at least nothing is built upon it .



Every pillar in the temple is carved with dance forms , i tell u this is a delight for classical dancers.and there r also paintings on the ceiling – they r faded but still u can make them out

the NANDI in lepaakshi is one of the largest monolith sculptures in India

coming to architecture – in the main temple inside there r totally 70 pillars – with one of them hanging well almost on its edge – there’s a story about it – a British engineer who wanted to know how the temple was supported by the pillars tried to displace one of it ,and it caused the movement of as many as 10 pillars around to maintain the balance, i don’t know about structural engineering but  if u know ,u can appreciate better seeing it. the temple was designed to withstand even earthquakes.

there is the unfinished part of the temple depicting the marriage of lord Shiva and parvati devi

LEPAKSHI can be reached from Bengaluru – its 2hrs drive and from Hyderabad its 10hrs drive .there r many other places around it – like pavgada – there’s a temple and a fort there .

click on the image below to check out my picasa album for more pics


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