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Anger is creative; depression is useless.

– Freeman Dyson

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“A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and
sings it back to you when you have forgotten how it goes.”

— Author Unknown

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The First anniversary

This post is a bit late , i have n’t been blogging for quite a long time due to my busy schedule..

would like to celebrate with all my readers the first birthday of my blog on NOV 3RD , u can see my first post here – “hello world”

there may be breaks , long breaks like this , but i will be back with more interesting articles , i have lots to tell .. ..

Have a great day



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Hi an update …personal

I just finished my theory final examinations , and preparing for practical examinations , in the meanwhile have a look at the site of my new home – its dug up for pillars – expected to be ready and done by next march ….CHEERS

click here for the picasa album

my home

my home

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Good morning

oh i don’t want this to sound like a dairy entry –  well i am writing my exams now till 9th – so won’t be posting anything big till then …have lots of them on the “coming soon” list .

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How this blog has come to life…

hello all . welcome to my blog . coming to why i started this – b’cos i am feeling bored , not too many people here to talk sense with , and finally for the pleasure of sharing my thoughts with all of u ..

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Hello world!

my first post will be a pic of the thing i love …

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