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The Exercise Pill

Regular physical exercise has undisputed health benefits in the prevention — and in some cases, the treatment — of many diseases. Its one of the main modes of treatment advised in obesity ,cardiovascular diseases .

There r studies suggesting a couple of molecules that mimic the effects of exercise training . the receptors targeted by the molecules are – ‘peroxisome proliferator activated recerptor PPAR” , and “AMP -activated protein kinase .”

PPAR agonist GW1516 – this molecule is found to increse the expression of oxidative genes and also increse the endurance limit .

“AMP -activated protein kinase” receptor activator AICAR (5-aminoimidazole-4-carboxamide-1-beta-4-ribofuranoside) is found to increase exercise performance , increase in levels of glycogen , GLUT4 and mitochondrial enzymes are also noted .

These molecules if developed will be potential to turn out to be ‘Drug of choice’ for doping athletes and may also turn out to be a boon to  overweight , obese ( oh i can’t exercise , too much trouble ) people !

It doesn’t mean they r a alternative to exersice , rather they just might play a helping hand.

My advice whatever might come – do exercise regularly , its keeps us fit , keeps many diseases away and can be a great stress buster . keep running

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