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How long and hard can u think ?

Ah don’t read much in to it … i write to myself much as to express to others , i always think everyone will have their own version or understanding of things – written or seen and that depends as much on the author as on the reader .


I have been reading Rabindranath Tagore’s short stories and essays since a month , just came across this passage – i can’t get it out of my mind , neither can i understand it fully ….


“Whatever confines our urges inside us , and checks their free access to the outside, poisons our life .Selfishness for instance , refuses to give free play to our desires and so prevents them from working themselves through; that is why its close associate is always festering untruth. When our desires have a chance to be released in the form of worthwhile work the aberration  is dispelled and a more natural condition asserts itself . that is the true state of human nature and the joy of being human .” – this passage is from “the broken heart ” – ‘My reminiscences’ by Tagore .

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