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The Oscars

I ‘am feeling quite an itch to comment upon this year’s  Oscars b’cos of lots of noise being made by the Indian presence and by “Slumdog Millionaire” .

I confess i don’t find Slumdog appealing ,i think it got 3-4 too many oscars , ‘cos there r much better movies made in India by Indians on this subject of poverty and success . What i don’t understand is why  this is film such a big hit , is it the circumstances (the success story viewed in the backdrop of current recession ) or sth else .Regarding the best picture and best director I think the other movies “Milk”  , “The curious case of Benjamin Button” deserved better .

Coming to the music ,  i love WALL-E , but keeping it aside , as someone who has listened to Rehman all these years , i know he made much better soul stirring music than this , ok agreed its in regional languages , but still the hype being made up is just too much .


and finally congratulations to my fav actor Late Heath Ledger winning an Oscar , and to the short film documentary  “smile Pinki” , a real good one .

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