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The ATHEIST add campaign

U all must have heard of it by now – the advertising campaign backed by British Humanist Association and Prof Richard Dawkins , which is putting up slogans on buses , tubes in London
and they raised more than they ever expected -£140,000. Dunno when something like this can happen in India !

here r a few picsatheist bus

and i like this quote

and the add campaign also puts up some interesting quotes from prominent scientists(atheists ).
I am happy to see this .I am an atheist , i don’t believe in god and in religion(by their usual meaning) .
The thing i detest most about religion is the superstitious beliefs it propagates.
when i read quotes from Bhagavad Gita , Upanishads , by Vivekananda – u needn’t believe god ,there’s another way u can understand them .
“God ” …well it all depends on how we interpret .
“I thought nature itself was so interesting that I didn’t want it distorted (by miracle stories). And so I gradually came to disbelieve the whole religion.”- by Richard Feynman , my fav .
– ah the existence of miracles cannot be used to support the existence of ‘god’ .

The more bigger is the argument when it comes to the question of ‘creator’ and our boundless universe with still no clue of how it was born . Stephen Hawkins discusses this point in his book ‘A brief history of time’ .

related books
“The God Delusion “ by Richard Dawkins
books by Ayn Rand
“Atheist Universe ” by David Mills

and  do check out their site – the atheist bus

the British Humanist Association

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